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CERTIFIED FLOOD SYSTEMS offers a Standard certificate for those clients who require a onetime only flood zone certification.  CFS utilizes the same due diligence and care in preparing each Standard certificate as it does in all others.  The Standard certificate is not transferable, nor is it tracked and/or updated with future map panel changes dispersed by FEMA, as is our CertAlert™ (life of loan) flood zone determination. CFS offers our unique conversion system CertRollover™, for clients ordering Standard flood certifications at loan origination but choose to convert them to CertAlert™ (life of loan) certification at a later date. CFS guarantees its products by assuming full responsibility for the accuracy of its determinations.


For continuous review and update of flood zone determinations CERTIFIED FLOOD SYSTEMS provides CertAlert™. CertAlert™ automatically tracks and updates FEMA flood map panel changes for the life of the loan.  When a FEMA map panel change occurs, a new certificate is issued reflecting the FEMA changes.  The certificate will indicate if there has been a flood zone change.  If there has not been a change in the flood zone, the new certificate will reflect this information and provide the current map panel and date.

If the loan is sold into the secondary market or the loan servicing is transferred, CertAlert™ will remain in force.  Revised certificates will be issued to the new servicing company.

The one time CertAlert™ fee may be charged to the borrower at the time of loan origination.  No additional fees are charged for tracking, revising certificates, or transfers of loan or servicing.

CFS offers a unique conversion system (CertRollover™) for clients ordering Standard flood certifications at loan origination that transfer to CertAlert™ (life of loan) upon funding.

CertAlert™ assures you continued compliance with flood insurance requirements of FNMA, FHLMC, OTC, and other regulatory agencies.  Accuracy in flood zone determinations is provided by our professionally trained staff, who are careful and exact in adhering closely to the company's established standards for identifying the location of property on FEMA panels.

The trained staff of CFS, working with the latest FEMA documents, in most cases can process certifications at less than in-house costs. CFS eliminates the need for a vast amount of current FEMA maps and other source data.  CertAlert™ tracks your loan and insures at all times the accuracy of the determination.

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For existing clients, and others who have access to the internet and wish to place an order, once setup for WebExpress™, its as easy as accessing our web site.  Then follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on Client Entrance
  2. Enter your Client Code & Password
  3. Choose Order or Redraw-at which time our order form comes up.  Then fill in the pertinent information and click on Send.

It's as easy as that!  Your Flood Cert will be returned to you as an attachment to your E-Mail.

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